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Lemko songs in MIDI

The tserkva in Kotan' I have listed here a few Lemko songs as MIDI's (.MID format, GM standard).
Lyrics and notation for them you can find in Wojtek Chemijewski Songbook.

To properly reproduce these sounds you need any sound card in your PC
(any multimedia PC will have it).

The placement of vocal tones is based in general on songbook Śpiewnik z kożuchem (Warsaw, 1980-82).

The main purpose of this undertaking is not only to make it easier to sing these songs, but also to be able to learn the vocals, for those who cannot read sheet music.


Title Voices Remarks
Oy khmelyu-zh miy, khmelyu *   1-2
Standard version
More ambitious version
Cherez pole shirokoye *   1-2-3
Dunayu, dunayu *   1-2 with accompaniment
Oy letily husonky *   1-2
Nese Hala vodu *   1-2-3
Oy tam za dunayem *   1-2-3
Povedu konichka *   1-2
Tikha voda *   1-2
Oy vershe miy vershe *   1-2-3 with prelude and accompaniment
Za polanom chorna rola *   1-2-3
Pasla Hancya pavy *   1-2-3
Ked mi prishla karta *   1-2
Dobriy vechir Tobi *   1-2-3
Ta pidu ya pidu *   1-2
Bozhe, Bozhe, yakiy to zhal *   1-2-3
Porizala-m palchik *   1-2
Chom ti ne priyshow *   1-2
Za hory sontse zahoriaye *   1-2
V zelenim hayu *   1-2-3
Hantsyu ne drimay *   1-2
Byla mene maty *   1-2
(MIDI files prepared by Tomasz Traczyk and Wojtek Chemijewski.)

Happy singing!

Here you can find some oryginal recordings from Lemkivshchyna.

Tomasz Traczyk (Podkowa Leśna, Poland)

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